Paragon Communications is the exclusive reseller in Ireland for the Paragon Audio Visual range of TV distribution systems, PC extenders and related audio-visual products. These products have been used extensively in financial dealing-room applications where high performance and high reliability are paramount. However, these products have a variety of applications where there is a need to distribute high quality video over CAT5 or better cable. Paragon AV also have a range of solutions to extend the keyboard, mouse and video of a PC over extreme distances.

Paragon AV is a subsidiary of Optelecom Inc. a US manufacturer of high performance fibre-optic transmission systems for video, audio and data. These high-reliability products are widely used in mission critical applications such as air-traffic control systems and on the end to end monitoring of the Alaskan oil pipeline.

Paragon AV's products fall into three areas...

  1. TV & Video Distribution
  2. PC & Multimedia Extenders
  3. Audio Visual Products

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