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Video Networks

The unique 'Viewpoint VBX' system from Viewcast Corporation enables the creation of an enterprise-wide network for video and audio communication. The VBX can take in multiple video sources from VCR's, DVD's, satellite receivers, broadcast TV, cameras, surveillance cameras, etc. and route them, on demand, to PC's on a local network over unused wires in a standard Category-5 UTP cable. It does this in much the same way that a telephone PBX switches and distributes voice communications. Multiple VBX's can be linked together to tie multiple buildings on a single site, or at locations all over the world, into the system.

Each VBX can support hundreds of users and allows point-to-point, multipoint and broadcast modes of operation. A typical VBX system includes a video switch, a shared Codec server, WAN interfaces and desktop components. Video and audio signals are distributed with TV quality over existing UTP wiring at distances of up to one kilometre. An existing LAN or telephone system is used only for non-video communication between the VBX and each user, requiring minimal use of the computer network.
A conference card set optionally provides the capability of videoconferences linking up to seven sites within the network and externally. Multiple VBX's in different buildings or locations can be linked in a variety of ways.


NiagaraTM Streaming Encoders

With the Niagara pre-configured streaming video encoders, ViewCast Corporation offer a wide range of plug-and-play solutions for a variety of applications. Models include rack-mountable units for permanent insatllations and packaged portable systems that will fit in an aircraft's luggage bin. So you can fly to the gig, the match, the event or the meeting, stream it to the web and then fly home again.

All models use the award winning Osprey Video Capture boards and come with the SimulStream software for multiple simultaneous streams, The Niagara SCX remote workflow automation and control software is also included. For more details click on the link below to visit the Niagara section of ViewCast Corporation's website.

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