Some of the ElectroVoice X-Array loudspeakers used in a conference hall with some acoustic problems. These units were chosen for their well controlled directivity so that stray reflections could be minimised.

Note. For CCTV and other system design services use the link below.

System Design Services


Sound System Design

  • Design of sound systems that compensate for poor room acoustics
  • Evaluation of existing systems with recommendations for improvement
  • System installation, commissioning and training of staff
  • Full maintenance contract support
  • Consulting on tender specifications
  • Design of announcement, intercom & voice evacuation systems
  • Design of high quality systems for music and speech
  • Design of high performance systems for outdoor applications

Sound elements of multimedia communication

Audio can often be the forgotten element of a multimedia project; an afterthought in many a video production. Elaborate 'state of the art' video capture and production installations are frequently accompanied by simplistic and inadequate sound equipment, and yet it can often be the sound-track that makes or breaks a project. At Paragon we believe that all elements of multimedia are equally important to the production and equally important to get right.
This obviously applies to the audio element of a video production, regardless of the delivery method, but it also applies to a room that any multimedia project might be presented in. All too often such rooms disobey the laws of acoustics. But all is not lost. Acoustic problems can often be solved with some acoustic treatment, a well designed sound system or, most likely, a combination of the two. The starting point for any improvement is a thorough acoustic analysis of the room and an evaluation of the existing sound system if one exists. Click on the link below to go to our acoustic analysis page.

Acoustic Analysis


Paragon's design philosophy

The most critical elements of any sound system, be it for recording or for sound reinforcement, are the transducers. These are the devices that convert one form of energy into another form. More simply these are the microphones and the loudspeakers. Get these wrong and no amount of electronic adjustment, special effects or equalisation, will make the system sound good.
Modern microphone and loudspeaker design is extremely sophisticated and products vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on their design philosophy. By definition then, some models will be better suited to a given situation than others. For this reason Paragon has deliberately maintained an independent position to give us the freedom to select the optimum products for the job in terms of both performance and budget. Paragon does not distribute sound equipment, so we are not tied to any group of suppliers. However, we can supply anything from a microphone clip to a 100 kilo-Watt (or bigger) concert sound system.

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